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Forget all the rules. Forget about being published. Write for yourself and celebrate writing.

Melinda Haynes


In search of celebration, I share some of my fiction here.



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Writing is a craft. It takes practice and commitment. The more I write - the more I carve out the time and space to commit to writing - the better it feels and the more I feel like I'm advancing towards creating the stories I want.
It feels good to allow time for something I've always dismissed as a 'little hobby'.
Some things I've particularly enjoyed over the past few years:
- Grammar Therapy - 4-week grammar course for fiction
- Write What You Know - 4-week writing course with WritersHQ
- Flash Fiction Fan Club 8-week flash fiction writing course
- Write Drunk, Edit Sober - Half-day self-editing workshop

- The Weekend of Reading Tasmania - Attendee/Volunteer, 2019
- Melbourne Writers Week - Attendee, 2019
- Hobart Writers Festival - Attendee, 2019
- Australian Short Stories Festival - Attendee, 2018
- Feminist Writers Festival, Sydney - Attendee, 2018​
- Perth Writers Festival - Attendee, 2017, 2018
- Perth Writers Festival - Social Media Support, 2019



Short Story

Published: Issue 17 of Fems*Zine (Aug. 2020)

Probably Nothing

Flash Fiction

Long-listed for the Bath Flash Fiction Award 2020

Published: In forthcoming anthology.

Anomic Aphasia

Flash Fiction

Published: Online, National Flash Fiction Day 2020 

Furusato 故郷

Creative Non-Fiction

Published: Online with Sawtooth ARI, as part of the digital community art project 'The Arrowhead Expanding Outwards'

Rust & Bone

Flash Fiction

Published: Print, Issue 2.1 of Human/Kind Journal

The Disconcerting Discovery of Shoes on a Beach

Flash Fiction

Long-listed for the Reflex Press Winter 2019 Competition.

Published: Online & Print (Anthology forthcoming)


Why Didn't You?


Old People Eating Pizza

Micro Fictions

Published: Online, Paragraph Planet

Love is the Greatest of Dreams, Yet the Worst of Nightmares



Flash Fictions

Published: Print, 'Where Are We Now?' Geelong Writers Annual Anthology.

Today I Dropped a Punnet of Blueberries

Flash Fiction

Published: Online, Every Day Fiction

Last Night I Saved a Moth From Drowning

Flash Fiction

Published: Print, Fall 7.3 issue of *82 Review 

Rattas, Mammalia

Creative Non-Fiction

Published: Online, Issue 14 of The Suburban Review 

Anomic Aphasia

Flash Fiction

Awarded Third Place in the Writers HQ 2019 Flash Fiction Prize.

Published: Online

Last Night I Saved a Moth from Drowning

Micro Fiction

Highly Commended in the National Flash Fiction Day 2019 Prize.

Published: Online & Print, 'And We Pass Through' Anthology.

Every Second Thursday

Flash Fiction

Long-listed for the Reflex Press Winter 2018 prize.

Published: Online & Print, 'The Real Jazz Baby' Anthology.



Flash Fiction
Weekly Prompt Winner
Published: Online, Adhoc Fiction
Beach Boat Destruction
Flash Fiction
Published: Online, Reflex Press.
Creative Non-Fiction
Published: Print, Issue 2 of Bricoleur Magazine.
A Good Man
Flash Fiction
Longlisted for the Reflex Press Autumn 2017 prize.
Published: Online & Print, 'Barely Casting a Shadow' Anthology
If On a Winter's Day
Flash Fiction
Centre for Stories public writing project for Winter Arts 2017.
Published: Posters printed & posted around the City of Perth.

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