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Forget all the rules. Forget about being published. Write for yourself and celebrate writing.

Melinda Haynes


Sharing my creative & fiction writing is a relatively new experience for me. It was finally sharing one of my short stories with my partner that gave me strength. Not because he gushed about how good it was, but because he let me know he recognised the words, the experience & the ideas. He connected with it and that bought me joy.


In search of joy, I share some of my fiction here.


Is it perfect? Absolutely not.


But life rarely is.



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Writing is a craft. It takes practice and commitment. The more I write - the more I carve out the time and space to commit to writing - the better it feels and the more I feel like I'm advancing towards creating the stories I want.
It feels good to allow time for something I've always dismissed as a 'little hobby'.
Some things I've particularly enjoyed over the past few years:
- Grammar Therapy - 4-week grammar course for fiction
- Write What You Know - 4-week writing course with WritersHQ
- Flash Fiction Fan Club 8-week flash fiction writing course
- Write Drunk, Edit Sober - Half-day self-editing workshop

- The Weekend of Reading Tasmania - Attendee/Volunteer, 2019
- Melbourne Writers Week - Attendee, 2019
- Hobart Writers Festival - Attendee, 2019
- Australian Short Stories Festival - Attendee, 2018
- Feminist Writers Festival, Sydney - Attendee, 2018​
- Perth Writers Festival - Attendee, 2017, 2018
- Perth Writers Festival - Social Media Support, 2019


'Furusato 故郷'

Creative Non-Fiction

Published: Online with Sawtooth ARI, as part of a digital community art project 'The Arrowhead Expanding Outwards'

'Glove Compartment'

Flash Fiction

Published: Online with 101 Words 

'Rust & Bone'

Flash Fiction

Published: Online & Print, Issue 2.1 of Human Kind Journal

'The Disconcerting Discovery of Shoes on a Beach'

Flash Fiction

Long-listed for the Reflex Press Winter 2019 Competition.

Published: Online & Print, Anthology forthcoming


'Love is the Greatest of Dreams, Yet the Worst of Nightmares'



Flash Fictions

Published: Print, 'Where Are We Now?' Geelong Writers Annual Anthology.

'Today I Dropped a Punnet of Blueberries'

Flash Fiction

Published: Online, Every Day Fiction

'Last Night I Saved a Moth From Drowning'

Flash Fiction

Published: Online & Print, Fall 7.3 issue of *82 Review 

'Unconditional Roots'

Memoir on the theme of 'Origins'

Published: Online & Print, Boshemia Magazine.

'Rattas, Mammalia'

Creative Non-Fiction Essay

Published: Online, Issue 14 of The Suburban Review 

'You Give Them Back to Where They Came From'

Short Story on the theme 'Ashes'

Published: Online, Issue 22 of Underground Writers

'Anomic Aphasia'

Flash Fiction

Awarded third place for the Writers HQ Quarterly Flash Fiction Prize. Published: Online

'Last Night I Saved a Moth from Drowning'

Micro Fiction

Awarded Highly Commended for the National Flash Fiction Day Prize.

Published: Online & Print, 'And We Pass Through' Anthology.

'Every Second Thursday'

Flash Fiction

Longlisted for the Reflex Press Winter 2018 prize.

Published: Online & Print, 'The Real Jazz Baby' Anthology.



Flash Fiction
Weekly competition winner
Published: Online, Adhoc Fiction
'Beach Boat Destruction'
Flash Fiction
Published: Online, Reflex Press.
Creative Non-Fiction on the theme 'Journey'
Published: Print, Issue 2 of Bricoleur Magazine.
'A Good Man'
Flash Fiction
Longlisted for the Reflex Press Autumn 2017 prize
Published: Online & Print, 'Barely Casting a Shadow' Anthology
'If On a Winter's Day'
Contributing writer for Centre for Stories public writing project as part of Winter Arts 2017
Published: Posters printed & posted around the City of Perth.

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